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An ICOM IC-3200 External Display

After trying without success to fix the garbled display on my Icom IC-3200A (which is known for display problems), I decided to tap into the clock/data lines between the CPU and the PLL board to find out what's sent. I am now able to use the speech synthesizer connector in order to add my own external frequency display. As many projects go, it looked pretty rough during development.

But I ended up with a nice looking display! Here it is showing the radio on a UHF frequency with a CTCSS of 131.8Hz.

When I transmit, "Reciv" is replaced with a talk timer (minutes:seconds). Why don't more radios come with one of these to keep track of long-winded conversations?

Here's a look at how the processor (an ATmega8) is nestled behind the display. The entire unit is held to the top of the radio using three strong magnets.

And I haven't dressed the wires yet, but clock, data, ground, and +9v are brought out of the top of the radio via this connector. The display plugs in and derrives its power here.

Should you be interested in the code and an explanation of how the processor decodes the frequencies, here is the source file: