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Natural gas conversion for my generator

See this generator running on natural gas here.

I mounted a Garretson Impco style 039-122 KN regulator on the side of the DS4000S cage with two bolts.

I then used a ball valve to restrict gas flow. It was a little touchy to adjust the first time I started the generator, but it requires no further adjustment once the generator is running smoothly - regardless of load.

I ran a short hose from the valve to the back of the air filter box.

Then I made a hole in the back side of the filter box for the hose to enter through.

And finally, I cut and soldered a copper tube (to make a 90 degree turn) and inserted it beside the choke plate. It's important that the end of the tube is inside the carburetor where the venturi creates sufficient vacuum to pull gas from the regulator. I have never needed to use choke to start the engine using natural gas.